03 December, 2011

Mail Order and the Environment

A word about our postage, and in particular our environmental policy.

At Labour and Wait we are careful to reuse all our packaging. We go through vast amounts of cardboard, paper and bubble wrap, and all this is reutilised as we send out our own mail order. 


We have thought about buying in mail order boxes, or packages, or brown paper, or bubble wrap, to ensure that each package we send out is pristine and presentable, but that wouldn’t really be us. We are, if nothing else, functional. So we reuse everything that we receive.


So if your package has old stickers, or tape marks, or is scuffed or scribbled on, or if your dustpan brush comes in a box marked ‘enamel mugs - priced’, then don’t worry, the items inside will be perfectly preserved and ready to be used, so just think of the old saying: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.