13 April, 2020

Since closing our Redchurch Street shop due to the ongoing virus crisis, your utilisation of our mail order service has kept us, the staff left able to work, busier than ever!

We are truly thankful of the continuous support by ordering with us online. However, being a small independent business with about three quarters of our staff currently 'out of office', we are somewhat slower than usual getting your orders out.

Do not fret! We're working hard, safely, separately; measuring, wrapping, taping, boxing, labelling. Your order will reach you, but it may take a handful of days rather than a couple. Please bear this in mind before calling or emailing us, as this will distract from our main task: getting your order in the post and into your home.

If you do have any questions regarding our offering and services, do feel free to pop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:

Keep those hands washed and keep those orders a'coming!

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  • 04 December, 2019

    As we approach the big day at the end of the year, please order by 1.00pm GMT on the following dates for guaranteed Christmas delivery...

    United Kingdom ... 19th December
    European Union ... 17th December
    North America ... 15th December
    Rest of World ... 13th December

    Please note that we close down for Christmas and New Year between the dates of 23rd December and 6th of January, during which time our mail order department is away. Our Redchurch Street shop reopens from the break on 2nd January, 2020.

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  • 16 December, 2012

    The Christmas Mail Order Elves are working flat out, so have asked me to tell everyone that it is now time to place your last orders.

    Today is the deadline for EUROPEAN ORDERS to be placed - if you are placing an order please make sure we have a contact telephone number as your local courier may need to contact you.

    The deadline for UK orders is Wednesday 19th December. Our courier service is next-day, so if you must have it before Christmas please make sure to select UKMail rather than Royal Mail First Class. 

    Please bear in mind we are very busy, to please place your Christmas orders as soon as possible!


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  • 05 December, 2012

    Meet the Labour and Wait Mail Order Team. 


    Every order that gets sent out from the subterranean Labour and Wait dispatch centre is expertly picked and packed by Jasper and Dominic - with help from old friend Brian during the busy Christmas period.


    Orders are received in the nerve centre of the Admin Department. Each one will contain a unique mixture of products requiring the careful selection of the appropriate box from our cardboard mountain. We recycle as much of the packaging we receive as possible, so although your package may not look perfectly new, it is helping to save the planet.


    Each box has any existing tape or stickers removed before it is repurposed. Although the packaging is recycled, the Mail Order Team pride themselves on sending out beautifully neat and tidy boxes.


    Many of our items are delicate so require careful wrapping in ( recycled ) bubble wrap.


    The Housekeeper’s Bucket is a particular favourite with the Mail Order Team. They love carefully wrapping these to prevent damage from any possible mishandling in transit - why not order two, and brighten up their day?


    Boxes are often cut down to size, to ensure a snug fit for the contents.


    Other packages require more inventive solutions. Take the Large Feather Duster, for instance, which often finds itself in the most unusual of places.



    The lifeblood of any hard-working team is tea. Here it is used as inducement for Dominic - no tea until these orders are finished!


    As Christmas approaches, the basement is taken over by cardboard - wall to wall, as far as the eye can see. 


    The Mail Order Team’s Tools of the Trade.


    At the end of the day, the boxes are ready to be picked up. Some of these packages will travel as far afield as Clitheroe, Newport, Los Angeles and Slough - we imagine the excitement of the recipients as they receive their package and tear it open. This is the all the motivation that the Mail Order Team require. That, and lots of tea.

    If you require delivery for Christmas, please ensure that we receive your order by Wednesday 19th December. 

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  • 03 December, 2011

    A word about our postage, and in particular our environmental policy.

    At Labour and Wait we are careful to reuse all our packaging. We go through vast amounts of cardboard, paper and bubble wrap, and all this is reutilised as we send out our own mail order. 


    We try to reuse everything that we receive from deliveries of our stock, which you can imagine, with such breadth in our offering, is quite substantial.


    So if your package has old stickers, or tape marks, or is scuffed or scribbled on, or if your dustpan brush comes in a box marked ‘enamel mugs - priced’, then don’t worry, the items inside will be perfectly preserved and ready to be used, so just think of the old saying: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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