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Tea Pots

Nothing beats sharing an afternoon tea with friends or family, and the right tea pot can take one of life's simple luxuries to a whole new level. Here at Labour And Wait, our range of affordable premium quality tea pots offers the perfect solution.

Enjoy a cup of positivi-tea with one of our exceptional tea pots today.

Tea Pots For Every Setting

A cup of tea makes everything better, and our luxury tea pots will allow you to enjoy the sweet taste of relaxation in any situation. 

The simple yet stylish designs are the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen table when friends come to visit. Meanwhile, the robust nature of items like the traditional enamel teapot is perfect for camping, travelling, and other settings where durability is key. 

Aesthetically speaking, our collection of tea pots are suited to virtually any home. Our Japanese enamel tea pots bring an ultra modern touch to contemporary surroundings while the brown Betty tea pot is one designed to match a more traditional appearance. 

Whether it's for your home, travels, or commercial buildings doesn't matter. Labour And Wait's selection of tea pots boasts something for all tastes.

Colours To Reflect Your Style

You don't just want a tea pot that works. You want a tea pot that can take pride on the kitchen table (or wherever it's used) time and time again. The choice of colour counts for a lot.

Whether it's the standard white with navy trim enamel look or a bold orange with black detailing solution, the right colour scheme will warm your heart before you've even poured the tea into your cup. Better beverages start here.

All of the tea pots in our collection can additionally be matched with various cups without losing the overall appeal. From glass receptacles to patterned ceramic mugs, and everything in between, the right tea pot will play a central role in your future tea-drinking habits.

Get A Better Brew

The humble tea pot certainly adds to the ambiance of your tea-drinking experiences, regardless of whether you're home alone or enjoying a catch up with friends. However, our carefully chosen range of tea pots additionally promote a better brew, ensuring the ultimate tasting experience.

Enamel leaves no taste, enabling you to enjoy the full flavour or the tea leaves, which will have a far better chance to brew compared to the standard 2-3 minutes in a cup. Meanwhile, many users swear by the fact that the tannin coating allows the tea to accumulate an even stronger taste with each new brew.

Whether it's earl grey, traditional tea, green tea, or darjeeling doesn't matter. A high-quality tea pot designed for your enjoyment will deliver stunning outcomes time and time again.

Practical Tea Pots For You

Here at Labour And Wait, we appreciate that finding the right tea pot isn't just about the aesthetic style. You deserve a practical solution that compliments your tea-drinking habits. Our styles are just for you.

With many of the designs boasting a 1.5l capacity, they are perfect for sharing a cuppa with a small group of friends (or serving a dining party in a cafe) while the insulation provided by the enamel materials will keep your brew warmer for longer.

Other practical design features include the ergonomic handles and spouts that are especially comfortable for users with arthritis or other forms of restricted movement. The lids fit perfectly too, making the days of unnecessary spillages a thing of the past.

The gas, electric, and induction safe tea pots truly are the most practical solution on the market for daily  usage and special occasions alike. Not least because the winning attributes are built to last.

More Than Just Tea Pots

In addition to our tea pots, Labour And Wait's offers a selection of authentic Japanese coffee pots in red, yellow, and blue. They are perfectly matched to the Japanese tea pot offerings and can complete the kitchen setup by bringing a dash of colour to the dining table or breakfast bar setting.

Like our tea pots, the coffee pots are manufactured by one of the most reputable brands on the market and deliver the practical attributes of being robust, well-sized, and easy to clean. The handles, spouts, and lids are designed for all users while they help coffee beans percolate and brew for a delicious taste every time.

All of our hot beverage vessels are delivered at an exceptional price and come with guarantees on quality, design, and durability. Check out the collection below to find your perfect tea pot today.