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Men's Grooming

Grooming is not a new thing. However, during the past 20-something years all-plastic, single-use products have taken over the bathrooms of men across the world. They have changed the face of grooming routines and the waste produced by men keeping themselves looking sharp. But here at Labour And Wait, we believe that a return to the origins of sophisticated men's grooming has many benefits, from reducing bathroom waste to turning grooming into a moment of slower self-care. 

That is why we have brought together a collection of grooming products that are unique and remind us of the (we think) better old days. They are vintage and sophisticated, these products but also easy to use - perfect for you to take care of all of your grooming needs, from head to toe.


Coming to your bathroom cabinet directly from small factories in dreamy destinations such as Provence, our grooming requisites are ideal for the man that prefers to benefit from the power of nature. Made with natural ingredients and without preservatives, the items in our men's grooming selection at Labour And Wait are not only a pleasure for men to use but also represent beautiful additions to your bathroom. They are certainly nice enough to leave out on your bathroom shelf.

Today, many men are happy with a few items that cover simple grooming needs. However, for the man passionate about finding products that are out-of-the-ordinary and unusual, researching these items can be just as exciting as using them. Among the exciting men’s grooming products we stock are organic French soaps, Portuguese toothpaste and Vaseline, lavender water, a hand-made Portuguese boar shaving brush, classic 4711 Original Eau de Cologne, Marseille soaps and a twill wash bag for grooming on the go. Everything looks as good as it feels and works.

We believe that each item you buy can potentially enrich your home, life and grooming routines. That is why you will only find high-quality, tried and tested items that serve a purpose, and work. They are, as well, aesthetically pleasing. In our men's grooming range, we have brought together vintage-inspired items that will make for a unique addition in your routine. However, encouraged by our never-ending curiosity, we have also included products that allow you to be adventurous in your routine and allow you to explore some older practices, that ‘gentlemen’ would have groomed themselves with.

Whether you are longing for a product that helps you care for your beard or you need a cream crafted for men's skin, you will find anything you need in our collection. You can find us in the East End of London, where our shop carries the whole grooming range. However, you can find all of our men's grooming products here on our website, too. When abroad, you can find us in Manhattan, New York, and Sendagaya, Tokyo. In our shops, you will find unique items and the latest collections. You can smell everything and find the perfect match for yourself or a gift for your loved ones.