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Our elegant range of enamelware is a study, delightful addition to any home. Each individual piece perfectly balances beauty with functionality and offers flexibility and durability when being used in your home.

Enamelware is extremely hard-wearing and has an unusual look and feel to it. Not only does it appear slick and shiny but enamel is an incredibly solid material that doesn’t easily tarnish or get damaged. Enamel is actually porcelain, which is what makes it incredibly smooth to the touch.  And enamelware is incredibly safe too, it rarely chips and it naturally oxidises which means it is always safe to use. There are plenty of other benefits to using enamelware, including: the fact that it is non-toxic. It is easy to clean and wipe over. It is resistant to acids and stains. It retains its colour for many years. And it is great for outdoor uses, such as camping or picnicking.

Our enamelware cups are safe and do not shatter, which means that they are perfect for the entire family, however young and enthusiastic. Enamel is also an incredible heat conductor which allows liquid or food to stay hotter or colder for longer. It also means enamelware is great for cook ware too. Basically, using it is a pure pleasure.

Our beautiful range of enamelware includes a product for every room in the house. From kitchenware to bathroom-ware, each of our products is specially designed to add charm and character to a room. Our designs are modern and stylish, with a nod to the classic and timeless. Everything comes in a satisfying range of different colours to choose from. Our use of deep, solid colours adds a touch of sophistication and allure to any room. And we offer a range of patterned enamelware (the famous American splatterware, a porcelain enamel bonded onto steel) for those who like a bit more pattern. We like to think our designs reflect the traditions of yesterday, mixed with the beauty of today. Some of our splatterware designs also incorporate attractive marbled enamel. That has been a distinctive design for many years, and is also (we’ll say it again) both durable and enjoyable to use.

From kettles to teapots, our enamelware ranges can be built and added to over time. Everything can live together harmoniously. This allows you to keep adding to your tableware collection. Everything can be used collectively as a set, to add a little extra style to your dining room or kitchen, or just put a single enamel cup in a bright colour on your shelf, and enjoy. We have a great choice of tins and cooking wear in different sizes and our pans all come complete with lids and offer pretty, practical solutions to baking and roasting.

Finally, our popular and classic Japanese kettles are particular favourites. In metal, black and green they embody culture and old traditions. They can be used for tea ceremonies, as well as ordinary, everyday tea drinking. Unlike Japanese kettles that are often made from cast-iron, our enamelware kettles are lighter and smoother to the touch. In fact, our enamelware range contains a product for any and every type of use. And our stylish, useful range of colours and sizes make Labour & Wait enamelware suitable for wherever you want to place it.