Designer Kettle

The vigorous aroma of an English Breakfast Tea brewed to perfection in the morning is an unmissable part of our routine. It gets us ready for a hard day at work, and it is the best companion when you decide to indulge in a slice of cake in the evenings. A designer kettle can make the whole process just a little more magic and complete the look of your kitchen.

We believe in crowning the perfect moments with yourself, family, and friends with particular objects, that are both functional and unique. If you are looking for a kettle that can make something so simple like boiling water a special part of your daily routine, you are in the right place.

Our Designer Kettles

Tucked away in the hip corners of East End, London, our Labour And Wait shop boasts some of the most sophisticated designer kettles on the market. We have cured our collection to bring to your only the most sought-after models that can fit any taste and kitchen design. Here are only some of the ones you can find on our website’s dedicated page.

Japanese Kettle

The Japanese Enamel Kettle is a sophisticated small kitchen appliance that combines functionality and art. This kettle was the winner of the 1998 “Good Design” award, a prestigious competition in Japan that rewards the most exceptional, well-thought items of the year.

Initially designed by Sori Yanagi this kettle lands on your kitchen counter directly from the Japanese Niigata region, one of the most renowned area in the world for the production of stainless steel crafts. While pouring hot water over your tea leaves, you can feel the expertise of the craftsman of the over 15 factories involves in your kettle’s production.


  • The kettle’s bottom is 18cm in diameter, which allows the appliance to heat up quickly, saving you energy and time.
  • With a capacity of 2.5L, this kettle is ideal for enjoying your afternoon tea with friends.
  • Suitable for electric cookers and induction and gas stoves.

Storm Kettle

Used by the Irish crofters during the early 1900s, a Storm Kettle is among the most particular items to include in your adventure kit. Today, these kettles retain their vintage charm, but they also boast all the functionality of modern pots, and outdoorsmen and camping enthusiasts still love them.


  • The unique design of this kettle makes it perfect to heat water while outdoors or on your camping trip.
  • Its design allows you to boil water quickly through natural combustible materials.
  • With a capacity of 1.5L and being no more than 35cm tall, this kettle is a carry-on item that can make your outdoor adventures a little more exciting.

Portable Stove

If you are looking at taking a camping trip in style, pair this stove with a storm kettle and you are ready to go! Designed in India, this portable stove is sturdy and lightweight, and will quickly become your best friend on camping trips, picnics, and festivals.


  • Fuelled by barbecue charcoal
  • Boasts feet and handles for increased transportability 
  • Easy to set up in all situations

Japanese Enamel Kettle

Crafted by designers in Japan, this kettle is perfect for adding an extra touch of colour to your kitchen. Available in black and green hues, this kettle is durable and fascinating.


  • 2L capacity makes it perfect to use when hosting company
  • Suitable for gas, induction, and electric stoves