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Classic Homewares

When buying homeware, one can be easy to overlook the basic, classic homeware items that are both functional and a necessity in your home. However, here at Labour and Wait we are sure we have you covered. Our classic homeware range features high quality, durable items that bring practicality into your home in a stylish, understated way.

We create our classic homewares out of enamelware and Sheffield steel – considered the very best, most renowned in the world. Our scissor range has a model created for every need, which together create a beautiful, useful collection. We also appreciate the need for a great cup of tea, so have created a classic range that is dedicated to that beverage: a strainer, tea infuser and teapot that work together and look incredibly elegant. Each item is carefully designed to give you the best combination of form and function: easy to use, durable and safe, and lovely to look at.

Homeware is an important element in your house. Our muted colour palette is unassuming and unimposing and perfectly suits any type of home decoration. We like to work with deeper hues and monochrome colours because they are softening in effect. But that isn’t to say you can’t add a little luminosity with our yellow beeswax candle and cantilever toolbox and a little shimmer with our speckled enamel lampshade. Our canvas tool bag is a great alternative to the traditional metal one, giving you a comfortable and discreet storage solution that is easy to use and spacious. In fact, all of our functional pieces are designed to be used and to look good; the practicality of them does not in any way hinder their beauty, rather emphasises it. Our classic homewares are useful and beautiful. Having them on display in your home is a brilliant way to bring your classic utilitarian items out of the cupboard. 

Our materials are also environmentally friendly and sustainable, which makes them a great choice for eco-conscious buyers. The production of everything is meticulous. We have designed each item to be used and used again. Our range of Welsh tapestry textiles will be a perfect solution to your outdoor spaces. The entire range is created in Wales in woollen mills, by the most traditional means possible, making them authentic in design and production. These useful products have different colour schemes and subtle patterns that make them suitable to be used as blankets, throws and for camping. They are fully reversible and incredibly durable, and will last many years. They come in yellow, reds, blues, blacks and greens in the most traditional Welsh prints. They are warm, decorative, strong and comfortable.

Our enamel lampshades also bring an element of unexpected style to your home. These light fittings were once industrial classics, but they are proving a popular choice in more modern times, too. In classic colours, they have a finish to them that has a bit of both shine and smooth about it. More and more contemporary homes have older style products in them. All our ranges work well with each other and can be paired with other pieces in our ranges, and other pieces in your home.  A lovely addition to any home, classic homewares bring longevity, utility and familiar silhouettes into your house. You can appreciate these well-made products, that can be reused time and again and will last you decades.