Please note that our shops and Workroom will be closed on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd of June. Additionally, our website will be down for maintenance from the evening of Wednesday 1st June until the evening of Thursday 2nd June.

23 February, 2022

Some good news for Europe: We are tentatively beginning shipments to the European Union. It's a tricky process, so we will be serving one country at a time, adding as we go over a period of weeks to ensure we straighten out any kinks in the process. We're starting with our closest neighbours in the Republic of Ireland, who can start ordering today. We'll be reaching out to our friends on the continent in due time! Please note that due to new (silly) rules, certain items can't be sent to EU countries, which will be labelled on the product page when you're browsing.

Thank you for your patience with us, EU!

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